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Applicant FAQ

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1. I want to apply as part of a team. Do we need to complete multiple application forms?

No, you can submit one application pack for your team but each participant must complete a personal statement.

 2. I am not a photographer. Do I have to submit photos for the Royal Photography Society award?

Yes, everyone must submit a profile photo and 5 photos of previous adventures. These photographs will not only be submitted and considered for the RPS award for best photo but will also help our panel of expert judges make their final decision on who will become the WildChina Explorer for 2016.

3. I don’t live in China. How will I fulfill the requirement of presenting my proposal to the WildChina Office team in Beijing?

Don’t worry, we can set up a conference call and you can give the presentation from wherever you are.

4. I would like to propose an exploratory expedition in Laos. Is this an eligible country?

I’m afraid not. For 2017 we are inviting submissions only from China.

5. I am finding it difficult to fill in the pdf version of the application form, what should I do?

You can download a word version of the application form here

6. Do I have to make my application video in English?

No, you could also make your video in Mandarin. This is a global competition and we are inviting people of any nationality to apply but applications must be completed in English or Mandarin.

7. The number of votes I have suddenly went up. Why is this?

 This year we'll be taking votes via Facebook and via Chinese social media platform WeChat. Voting on Wechat will take place in 3, one week periods before each prize giving so applicants should look out for a boost in votes during this time from their Chinese fan base.

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