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Why Apply for the Junior Explorer Grant

Are you aged 15-18 and passionate about making a difference in our World?

Would you like to express your ideas, showcase them to leaders in global thinking, and gain recognition to help towards your future college applications or career path?

Would you like to win money to donate to a charity of your choice and then win an ADDITIONAL $1000 scholarship to put towards your future studies?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions then you are in luck. NOW is your chance to apply for the WildChina Junior Explorer Grant 2017


Why We Give the Junior Explorer Grant

WildChina Education is excited to launch the WildChina Junior Explorer Grant, an exciting opportunity for young people between the ages of 15-18 to embrace WildChina Education’s philosophy of student-led learning.

Through this grant we hope to inspire young people to express their opinions on global issues and challenge their imagination to explore real-world solutions.

Applicants are first asked to identify a global issue that falls within an area of 'Technology, Society or the Environment'.  They are encouraged to let their creativity flow as they search for an innovative solution to the issue they identify.  Finally they present their solution in a medium of their choice (perhaps writing, art, music, video).

There are no limitations to your creativity... the choice is completly up to you!



HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL - Finalist Judge for the Category of TECHNOLOGY

ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - Finalist Judge for the Category of ENVIRONMENT

OXFAM - Finalist Judge for the Category of SOCIETY